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As the year comes to an end we recognise that it’s also the end of a decade. It’s effective to plan how you want to start the new year and decade, the energy you want to enter the new year and how productive you want it to be for you. I am sharing some ways to help you as you plan all these for yourself.

1. Spirituality: This is for those of us that believe in a spiritual power(God and Jesus). Some of us believe in other spiritual powers but I believe in God. Putting God firstly in all you do while you plan and set your intentions is the best things to do. Also I always like to plan to get to know him more and love him more and how I would talk to him everyday and channel his loving presence into my everyday life

2. Meditation: There is no better thing than meditating for both our mind and body. It is an effective way to start your day as it helps open up our minds for the new day and it is a good habit to include in your morning routine.

3. Manifestation: There is more to manifestation than we can realise, writing down goals we want to see in our new year and decade and practicing different manifestation techniques to see those goals happen is wonderful. Get a dream board or write a note. Try scripting   also.

4. Learning to be more disciplined: Discipline is a hard virtue but it’s something we all need as we are entering this new decade. Without discipline we would sit back and do nothing to achieve our goals.

5. Loving yourself more: This new decade should be a decade to improve your self-esteem and self love. Take out time for yourself, give yourself a break as much as possible; this helps your mental health and don’t forget that no-one can love you as much as you can love yourself and this would help us to set our values and boundaries also.

6. Love and help others when you can. As God gives to you this new decade don’t forget to help those in need of help.

7. Eat well and sleep well: Being healthy by eating well and sleeping well is the only way forward. You can’t achieve anything if you’re sick and your day would be crappy if you lack sleep.

8. Learn: I love spending my free time trying to know something new. It helps add more value to ourselves and knowledge. Another good way to learn more is by listening. Listening to yourself and the people around you; this could impact knowledge about your environment and also random things you would never have thought of.

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