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So my acne started coming out when I was 18 years and that’s about 3 years and some months ago.

When this happened I tried everything I could lay my hands on; I tried and they didn’t work for me but when I suggested them to others they would bring back positive results.

I then finally found someone September last year (2019) and he recommended a facial cleanser called 2000-N-6.I did see improvements but because of my inconsistency with cash I always relapsed.

Then, during Christmas last year, I saw YouTube videos on Aloe Vera and I had to search for Aloe. I didn’t feel I could afford getting the leave one by one every week so I had to look for the plant and by look for i mean the cheapest way possible.

I did find and did a one week challenge and saw it worked; cool!! But now I had to wait for the plant to grow so another relapse occurred.

This year while I was serving (NYSC), I packed and change houses to a better one and my landlord had a bunch of fully grown Aloe plants that he gave me access to. I kid you not; joy joy joy!!!

Then I also made sure that whatever soap I used was either medicated or antiseptic. But, most of the time, I used a soap called MERIKO.

I also made sure I took money out and invested in a cheap serum I could find too.

Ok guys! Now how did I use these different products I had put together?

Firstly definitely, I had to have a clean skin and a ready skin. I washed my face. Then next, my boyfriend helped me extract my acne and blackheads.

Immediately after this, I had my bath and hoped out of the shower. I used a different soft cloth instead of my towel for my body to pat dry my face. To wash my face I did use MERIKO soap (actually used it to bath my full body).

Now, next step was using  cotton wool or cotton pads to apply the cleanser (2000-N-6) to my face. This did hurt like mad cause the cleanser does contain alcohol (before you judge note that this was what worked for me).

Then next I would take aloe Vera, just a small piece I cut out and open it then apply the gel all over my face. Now some days like this first day of the extract I left it on my face all day long; but as time went by and my face was beginning to feel smooth, I would wash it off, apply the cleanser again, then I started adding the serum and then I used whatever cream I was using for my body ( loved going for creams that were made to help problematic skin).

Weird ass routine right?!!!
Well it worked for me and there are results too.
Please if you don’t like this routine nite that they are the cheap products u found that worked for me.

2000-N-6 was from the ranges of 350, 500 or 750 Niara.

The face serum; Gluta white was about 600 Niara .

Aloe Vera plants price ranges from where you get yours.

Meriko soap is sold for about 250-300
Thank you for reading my routine and story on how I cleared my acne.



Not my final goal but I will get there soon and would keep y’all updated


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