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So you have acne, blackheads, whiteheads or just little rash like bumps on your face and you want to clear out your skin? Then keep reading.

Ok! Guys, it’s important to note before reading on that; you shouldn’t put unrealistic goals on your skin. Putting unrealistic goals on your skin would only make you stress more and trust me stressing only makes it worse.

So, anyway, this month I’m going to be sharing with you a challenge and it’s simply the no-make up challenge.

1. No makeup for the rest of this month unless it is really really a necessity.
2. Try not to touch your face as much as possible.
3. Drink alot of water.
4. Start and End your day with healthy herbal tea (I would share with you all my current tea recipe in my next blog post; so stay tuned to my blog).
5. Never skip your routine.
6. Don’t stress or worry about your looks too much and trust the process.
7. Pat dry face when trying to dry your face after showering.
8. Do not use your sponge on your face.

I’m also going to tell you guys the exact routine I would be using and I would also give y’all weekly updates on my Instagram, so please, please and please do follow me on Instagram and then on your notification.

P.S : if you really need any of the products listed below and you cannot find them around you, you can simply go to my Instagram and DM me to place an order and I would make sure your product gets to you.


Preworkout: Rinse face with just water and cleanse with the 2000-N-SIX deep pore cleanser ( you can do this if you’re one of those people who wake-up but don’t have their baths immediately after they wake-up in the morning). Oh! And, it’s a face cleanser that doubles as a toner. It is an alcohol based face cleanser and I vouch that it is one of the products that saved my skin.

Postworkout: wash face with any soap or cleanser you have. ( I would be using   for the first week and would update you guys if I do change product).

Next you want to use the 2000-N-SIX deep pore cleanser if you can get one but if you can’t then it’s fine, just skip to next step.

So now, you want to put a facemask on your face. I prefer natural facemasks sometimes so for this first week, I would be using rice flour facemask; morning and night. And like I said if you want to know how I make this face mask then again you should stay glued to my Instagram.

After I apply my facemask on my face; I let it  dry then, I rinse it off.

I pat dry or air dry my face and it’s next step.

For the next step, I go in with my NOX face serum. I take one pump, mix it and apply it on my face. Click HERE to purchase yours now.

Then I mosturize using the Palmer’s Skin Success Anti-Dark Spot Fade cream.

And that’s all.

Midweek routine (Wednesday):
So guys every Wednesday is going to be an exfoliating day which means after washing my face I would use a face scrub to scrub my face before I apply my face mask.

Ok!!!! So, below is how I look currently and I would make a post every week to share my skin success here on my blog and on Instagram.


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