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When I first came across this topic I won’t lie I had to do a little research, tho’ not deep but it gave me the knowledge that there was a good amount of people who feel going to bed angry is good and they have really nice reasons to it and there are people who say it is a ‘no, no’.

Ok!!! So what is my point of view right?

Well, I say going to bed angry isn’t good. But, while I say this I’m still going to analyze a few things out for y’all.

Firstly, there are two kinds of people in the going to bed category; those who sleep it off, and those who realise they angry and they don’t want that energy so they stay far away from the person and situation and focus on positive things and people.

Now, the first set of people who sleep off their anger; while some still wake up angry, some actually wake up and they’ve forgiven all from the day before.
So, for the people who sleep and still wake-up angry that’s a no no for me (but I have done it alot of times in the past). Then for those who sleep and wake up and have forgiven all, I feel subconsciously, their mind actually let’s go and tries to calm down on its own but the time this occurs is the problem; before sleep is the best time it should happen( that way you’re not sleeping on a toxic note) but if you forgive when you wake up and you sleep with everything it’s also a no-no. There are scientific researchs that say sleeping on your anger pushes the event into your long term memory making it harder to forget and also one way people tend to get depressed or PTSD, and according to ‘HABITAT BY KÓALA’: “Negative emotions release stress hormones adrenaline, and cortisol causing you to be snappier through the day at loved ones, work colleagues and impact your immunity.”
So it is strongly adviced to resolve your feelings and emotions before you sleep.

Now, I read a post online where the writer says going to bed angry is good cause you tend to think and analyze the situation and how you should handle it. Now if I’m right, I would say this mostly happens before you sleep and when you analyze you come to a conclusion on how to handle the situation and this tends to bring peace back because even without the other person there, you have resolved the issue and how you should and would handle everything, so there’s some sort of reconciliation, healing and peace. But now, technically this isn’t you going to bed angry, it’s you using your time before you sleep to heal, so at the end you’re not sleeping with all the toxicity that comes with being angry and all.

So guys like a friend told me “we control our thoughts before bed and when we wake-up” so if we control our thoughts before bed then we should not sleep on anger but instead heal and find peace before we shut our eyes to rest.

Please leave a comment on what your own opinion is.

Love y’all!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️


  • Mary Jane

    I really love thinking my anger issue through before I sleep because it will make me toss and turn…thus depriving me from a restive night’s sleep.
    In the past it added to my in my increase in my blood pressure. So I deviced a policy to sleep without anger issues resolved or analysed before bedtime.

  • Barr. Ikechukwu

    Beautiful write up dear. I totally agree with the writer on the view as espoused by experts that going to bed angry is not healthy.
    You’ve all heard it from this avid writer. Make sure you trash all your issues before falling asleep so that you can wake up on a positive and optimistic note ready to face all the challenges of the day.

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