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Anyone that is knowledgeable about skincare, knows having acne, blackheads, spots, etc is actually normal and happens to quite alot of people but, people have still found a way to stigmatise people that don’t have clear and flawless skin.

I remember sometime last year, my acne was still so severe. One day, I walked into a shop to by something and this lady legit goes “ewwww!!! What happened to your face?! Go and remove it na!”

At that point, I was not just irritated with her reaction but felt humiliated and mentally down because of my skin.

One thing people don’t realise until they either try understanding or go through the same situation with their skin is; acne is not something very easy to treat.

I used to also feel irritated by acne although; I really most of the time just never cared. But, my sister grew up with acne and one thing I know is it also gave her a low self-esteem as it did to me when I eventually started suffering from it.

Nowadays, acne positivity is becoming a thing. It’s still hard to elevate yourself out of that low self-esteem mode that acne puts you.

It’s like this: You see all these people with flawless skin,then you remember you once had flawless skin; probably when you were much younger, then you see your face and it’s like so many things happening at once and you really just want to see your skin looking healthy back. Now, your trying products and drugs and nothing is working and you have these set of people that you meet occasionally that still ignorantly either insult you or treat you like a contagious disease and while you feel they can act better you blame yourself more for not being able to find the product that would give you an extremely flawless skin.

Look, going through all that is terrible and lonely. But, you should never have to blame yourself for something beyond your control.

If there’s one thing I know is having acne has a way of dragging you to depression which is a sad and terrible thing.

And that is why I say this now, if you’re someone that mocks people because of their skin problems, you should really stop. Don’t be the reason someone would feel they’re not enough and slip into depression.

If you have acne, try not to let it frustrate you too much by overthinking and overwishing. Worry, but just enough to seek help and try to keep your mental health stable.

Having acne doesn’t mean your unlovable, untouchable nor undesirable.
Having acne doesn’t mean it won’t clear up or there’s no hope of you’re a disease.

Having acne makes you human as more that 60% of the world population suffered from it; either occasionally, one in a month, rarely or regularly.

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