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Hello everyone and a Happy New Year!!!!!!

Today, we are doing something new on the blog and it is a new series called “The Healing” and I’m starting this with Body Shaming and Self-Love.

We all know what body shaming is; but just incase let me give you the Wikipedia’s definition: “Body shaming is the act of deriding or mocking a person’s physical appearance.”

Now, body shaming comes in so many forms and the most popular has to do with weight. Me, being a victim for being too small all my life, soon realized that the bigger people too were also victimised for their bodies.

While it might be accurate to call this particular post a size shaming post, it is also accurate to leave it as body shaming cause at the end of the day when you’re getting mocked, you could also be mocked or wrongly talked to because of a skin ailment beyond your control or the way you walk and talk or shape of your body parts.

Just to bring to notice, sometimes, we are our own self castigators. Although, we criticise ourselves as a result of the outward societial opinions most times.

The important factors now are; getting over all opinions and bringing yourself to love and accept your body the way it is.

So how do we get over body shaming and acquire self love?

That answer is quite simple, and it’s called stop caring about people’s opinions of your body and focus on how you’d like to look and present yourself.

This is hard! I know!!! But, imagine the liberation when you say to others and yourself that you don’t care how they want you to look and would not beat yourself up about not looking the way they want.

Then, an important factor I want y’all to note is: ALMOST EVERYONE GOES THROUGH BODY SHAMING.
But, the moment they stop caring and accept themselves, they’re are seen as gods walking the earth, doing what they want, and how they want it with so much confidence that it actually inspires.

While everyone wants to be in perfect health you should note that perfect health actually equals you being happy and loving to yourself.

So, I’m not saying don’t workout but I’m saying don’t over do it, don’t kill yourself up about it. Do it because it’s fun or it’s good in getting healthy but don’t work yourself up too much for an unrealistic goal. If you become fit and feel better then good, but if you don’t feel alright going to the gym, and instead of it helping you, it’s killing your mental health; then please stop.

My point is, you should do things cause you want to and it feels right with you. Don’t do things because you’re trying to reach someone else’s standard other than yours.

My own version of being healthy also involves the best mental health space. This is actually always a priority and should be likewise for you too.

Love yourself as you are and if you feel you need to work more, then fine. If you feel like you need to switch up on something about you; then fine. But please, don’t do it cause you think you’re not perfect or the society says you should.

The best part is when you’re comfortable and don’t feel the need to change anything about you. Please, don’t let others pressurise you to do something you don’t actually want for yourself.

I’m small and recently I’ve almost been feeling the need to get big. I’m flat and right now the pressure for bigger ass is there from social media to people around me. Do you know what I did? I started surrounding my social media with people that look like me one way or another, I freed myself of the pressure of people telling me I look like I don’t eat. I cut off those pressure points and so can you.

Take charge of your life and heal yourself and how you look at yourself. It’s the best thing you can ever do.

I would love if you left comments or more tips you feel that could help others.
Love y’all!!!!!


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