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Self-Love! Self-Love! Self-Love! We preach about it everyday, we all want it! But, one step I’m emphasizing on today in our Healing and Growth is; ‘Forgiveness’-Learning to forgive ourselves.

When we go through traumatic experiences or just bad experiences, we don’t just hold a grudge or anger or resentment to the person who put us through whatever experience; we put the blame, anger and resentment on ourselves too. That’s why there is the need to learn to not just forgive others but ourselves first.

When we are down or frustrated and angry at everything and ourselves we tend to not see the bigger picture and tend to focus on how we were stupid for making those wrong decisions.

It’s time to learn, heal and grow, it’s also time to see the bigger picture through every mistake we made. The truth is whatever we go through; our fault or not,  we go through for a reason. Yes! You made a wrong choice, but that choice you made that led to a terrible situation is a lesson for you to learn and grow from. That is why it is important to always make analysis of whatever situation you just went through and ask yourself ‘ Yes I made this bad choice, but what is the lesson to learn, what should I not do again and how do I grow and move on from this situation?’

Instead of dwelling on how you hate yourself for the decision you made and dwelling on that, look at the bigger picture.

Remind yourself that you are human and  mistakes are how you grow both wiser, smarter and stronger. Always learn to pick yourself up.

Now, I’m not saying you should ignore the sadness that came with the situation. I’m saying feel it, be sad but always remember the bigger picture and forgive yourself.

Don’t dwell on the experience and let the emotions that come with it bury you. Instead, use those emotions to motivate yourself and pick yourself up.

A few ways to use to also learn to forgive yourself include;
1. Draw closer to God and lean into your devotion practice. God is always going to be our Creator, Parent, Friend, Guardian, partner and Teacher. Letting to let go and let him lead is one good decision you can ever make also.

2. Meditation: Even if you meditate not for the spiritual path growth and you do it just for your mental health, it is still very much beneficial in bringing us to a point of stillness and oneness.

3. Yoga: This is a way of getting your body flowing and getting your mind concentrated on moving and feeling every inch of you. It is a way to reset and refocus.

4. Working out: Many people lean to workout to get their mind of thinking about things and also redirect their aggressive thoughts on something else.

5. Read motivational books and listen to motivational messages. Nothing better than feeding your mind and soul with positive information that helps you grow.

6. Never forget your affirmations and speak kindly to yourself. You are what you think, speak and act.

7. Always learn to analyze, learn and grow.

8. Talk to someone you trust or a mentor about whatever you have been through to remove loads and thoughts from your mind that keep you down in the depressive state.

9. Take a walk! Walking, strolling or a little jog is a way to think things through clearly also and analyze situations.


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