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Overcoming depression (or just that dark place in your life), is one of the best things you could do to be happy. But, what everyone seems to forget is what I’ve come to share today with you all.

Firstly, depression is like a drug. Everyone wants to talk about it, everyone wants it as an excuse to not do things and those that are actually depressed, end up finding comfort in the pain and never want to really let go.

Let’s talk about this some more? Alright:
Now, you face alot of dark things in your life and you fall off that happy wagon for good. You then end up in a dark place; but eventually, yes! this dark place makes you want to give up on life, it still becomes home to your mind. You end up finding comfort, you get used to it. Getting out of it needs alot of willpower generated because, it starts going beyond your conscious mind to your subconscious.

But, when you have the will power to overcome it, what many people don’t put out there is; it is not an immediate process. It could take Two Years to get your mind healthy or more or less; depends on how strong your will power is.

What you should note is: That the state your mind was, is like that when one has an addiction to drug. You might crave that dark place again, your mind might return to it at the slightest sad moment (if one isn’t careful). So the amount of willpower you would need is massive to overcome depression fully and not to Relapse (or subsequently come out of the relapse).

Next, someone who has overcome depression could relapse if that person is still left in the world he or she was at while they were depressed.

So, it’s a situation of when overcoming depression, if you simply accept things and just look at the better side of life, you could definitely Relapse. If you don’t fight to change your situation or what dragged you down that road in the first place, you could have a relapse. This Relapse, could be mild or could be worse and it could linger on for a while.

In other words, when struggling to get yourself to a happy place, do that completely not just internally.

The relapse could be worse if you beat yourself up about it; when I relapsed, there was the shame of I had people read my posts on how I overcame depression, I try to help people with as much advice I can give but here I am; back at my starting point and a failure.
This shame makes it harder to even tell anyone to help you.

So, it is important to note now; if you’re in this position, please, don’t even let these thoughts drag you down. At the end of the day, a relapse is almost normal for many people fighting depression. And, it is important to let those around you know what you’re going through and get help before things escalate too fast.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you do have anything to add or clarify.

Thank you for reading through the blog.

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