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I had an amazing photoshoot collaboration some days ago with two awesome creatives.

So, who are my creatives I did this awesome collaboration with?

Let’s start with the person that brought the whole idea together; Suru Paul.
Suru is the amazing creative behind Surupaul pictures. He is really skilled at getting his model’s perfect angles and knows how to make the pictures look so bomb!!!

He is into photography, videography and cinematography. He shoots at  weddings and events , and is also a freelancer.

For photography; he also takes portraits, beauty and a little bit of lifestyle (low-key).

Yes, he is upcoming, but I think nobody should sleep on him. He gives the best quality and puts in alot of effort and time to his work. You can get him on Instagram here.

His flows?
He made the session we had feel very homely and outside being young and vibrant, he is very friendly, funny and nice.

Who is the second creative?

The second creative I worked with on this shoot is the makeup artist, and, her name is Favour. She does bridal makeup, fashion makeup, cinematic looks, and regular glam.

She is self taught and actually really amazing. The fact that my makeup was so awesome even after I left and had to head home; (with all the traffic in Lagos) says alot about the quality she puts into her art and products.

She literally wowed me with her skills, for someone who is just starting her makeup career and taught herself; she showed that she has really outstanding skills and is still ready to keep pushing herself to perfection. Her Instagram is here.

Her flows?
She is really loving. She’s nice, ready to gist, fun and spontaneous. She literally got us laughing and she was the brains behind this particular picture idea below ⬇️.

I really love the energy she walked into the room with and how she maintained that energy all the way. It was so easy vibing with her.

Ok!! So in general, how was the shoot?!!

Well, the shoot was amazing and fun. Both Favour and Suru were friendly and nice and honestly I really want to do it again.

Seeing both of them at work was really inspiring also. The amount of effort they both put on the table, the way everyone was so eager and happy to do what the obviously love doing; everything was amazing.

There was not a dull moment, not even for a second. I can say that I also found friends in them and do hope we all get to work together again; soon.

Make sure you check me out on Instagram here for more pictures; as more pictures from the shoot would be coming soon, so stay updated guys!

And enjoy the behind the scene footage below.

Thank you 😊


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